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Three weeks away from what!

E Updated
Hi Wiki's. Been looking through the blogs and posts and so much of the same old same old stuff. When people offerred me advice at the start of my seperation I didnt listen but here I am three years on realising... they where right. So from someone who thought "they cant mean me"... "i know better...", "thats not me"! Listen to the advice and take the medicine because you dont want to be where I am now. Heading to the second day in court. Finances are still the issue... Its getting stressful again! Costing a small fortune and where its heading I dont know. Three or four weeks ago someone said to me "but in real life what will change for you"? It stumped me really... actually probably nothing! Long term effects on retirement and accomoadation will need addressing but same job, same hobbies, same family and friends (discounting those lost 3 years ago)etc etc. His reply... "So is all this arguing? Are you just being pig headed and is the stress worth it?".... the principle word then came out. Principle.... Guarding assets and wealth left by grandparents and parents who worked bloody hard for their family. Guarding assets and wealth personally built up since seperation. Thats all it boils down too really..... Given up on the house and chattles. Given up on her family. Given up on keeping her as a friend long term. Mixed up at the mo. Seriously questioning my principles now. Three weeks away and I have a what the hell attutude at present. What will be will be. Life goes on! But after three years of anguish, bitterness and pain. Have to stay focussed. So if you are starting on this rollacoaster.... communicate and find a way to resolve things seperation wise if at all possible. Even if you have to take a hit... long term it may be far better health and happiness wise. Onwards and Upwards. Fingers crossed all done for Xmas, financially anyway!

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((((Essox))))) wishing you a speedy settlement and one that goes your way too. I agree with Angie, there really are no winners in this sad and sorry business.
Further behind you Esox but realising that some things you just have to "let go". There are no winners. As you say lot of sage advice on here. We just have to take the time to find it and be ready and aware enough to accept it.

Fingers crossed for you!