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R Updated
tomorrow im taking my first solo break, seeing as another wikki done this it gave me the inspiration, thought why not. have booked a b and b in the new forest, im in the annexe so will have my own private garden, ill be completely tucked away from the world for 3 days, and I cant wait, except a little plod to the local pub ! the dog will be my travel companion and no doubt we ll spend hours out in the forest. im also now seeing a lot more of my son :) and we spent some lovely days together while I was off last week, and he s sleeping over a lot more :), he s bringing the girlfriend over this weekend, so it seems things are finally changing, fingers crossed. Friday im viewing mobile homes, as an alternative place to live, in the future, when my son goes to uni ( 2 1/2 years) still studying, and plan to do more learning, and im enjoying it, although the course im now doing is proving rather challenging. so things are changing, with my son and me, im finally planning a future beyond this flat, and trying to better myself workwise. hopefully I wont get lost tomorrow, don't do satnavs they annoy me, so about to print the journey off from google maps !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Have a really great time away Ray. Sounds idyllic.
No way you'll get lost and if you do, like all of this stuff its just an unexpected detour. Enjoy xxx

Glad things are turning round for you .((()))

I was really happy to read that things are better for you and really pleased that your son is spending more time with you too. Time away alone to 'just be' is rejuvenating. Have the best time. XXX
Way to go Ray, you are awesome, enjoy x
Well done Ray, so pleased for you. I love it when us wikis do new things. This journey really does do funny things for us, when we look back in years to come we will be saying " I would never of done any of that if this hadn't happened to me"

Pleased things are settling down with your son.

Have a great time xxx
Wikis are just so inspirational! This experience can really force you put of your comfort zone. Have a great time x
So pleased for you Rayxxx
What a road our band have travelled,we have made new friends,faced new challenges,and ventured out into the unknown ;)
Tomorrow will be fine,I have no doubt about that,whoever you will meet on your travels,will enjoy your company,that wicked sense of humour and that raucous laugh...Just enjoy Hun...

Regarding your homelife,well we all knew that would settle :) ;)

Luv and cwtchs
Afon Xxxx