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Train 375

E Updated
The train pulling into platform one is the 375dys from Separation.... “Passenger, the train will shortly be arriving at Would-Have-Been 32yrs Station. We Thank you for travelling Heartbreak Trains at such short notice, we realise the inevitable stops on journey have been arduous and sometimes excruciatingly painful but assure you necessary.Please ensure you take all baggage and belongings you can/wish to salvage as any items left will be completely destroyed as the 375 terminates here. Passenger also please take care whilst disembarking of the VOID between the past and the future. We wish you a happier onward journey.” Well EmB what an unexpected and unwelcome journey. Ironic really it’s a train. Survived thus far. Although the only passenger for a while. I`ve lost track of the exact order the 375 stations were called at but some are worth a mention. Started at Completely Devastated via Greatest Deceitful Betrayal. Bewildered Shock next passing slowly through stations of Disbelief and Despair. Leaves on the line at What Did I Do Wrong Central. Finally broke down at Broken-Hearted –On-The-Hill. Then onwards to Overwhelmed Edge, Abandoned Failure and Great Humiliation. Signal Failure at I was Faithful and Tried to Make It Work, What a complete relief, mercifully when the train pulled into Wikki International. What a revelation on disembarkation. No Fat Controller but so many voluntary helping hands willing to help with baggage, pain and burden .Found myself in the hub of the station, a place filled with all the advice, knowledge, experience, directions and understanding needed to start recovery and give even the weariest traveller hope. Platforms filled with fellow traveller's non-judgemental and supportive willing to listen and talk. Trains arriving and departing constantly with destinations I didn’t know but had to visit anyway such as, Grey Days filled with Grief, Shamed and Unworthy, Denial Mainline, Knew I Wasn`t Perfect On The Green, Long Hard Look In The Mirror, Penultimate Station Wasn`t All My Fault All of the above Stations have been visited indeed 375 in total the journey has been relentless, as all here are aware. I’ve lost count at amount of visits to Wikki International At times I could hear The Brave Little Engine from childhood saying “I- think -I –can-, I- think- I- can “ New Wikis; DANGERS to watch for; Travel Sickness and Weariness look after yourself. Too much negativity. BELIEVING LISTS given by Stbxs WORDS; NOTHING hurts you the way words do when the get under the skin; WORDS said by stbx, most hurtful. WORDS from people who don’t care or truly know you …discard. WORDS from people who genuinely care and know you ….embrace Making the other W/M more important than they truly are/were. DONT HI-Lights have been stops in Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Essex and London .So MANY good friends made from fellow Wikki travellers met and yet too I Thank each and every one. Not ashamed to say I have really struggled on the journey this past month-many significant memories and anniversary hurdles all culminating in rapid succession to this day ..32yrs. TOMORROW IS A NEW FRESH DAY This is what I will write, The train pulling into platform 2 is the brand new Movin On Look To The future. Tannoy Announcement, “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to your new train slightly faster and hopefully smoother for your onward journey, plenty of seats for all. Do not hesitate to contact the crew if we can be of any assistance. Thank you for choosing to travel with YOUR Futures What You Make It .com” Owned by The Sun Will Shine Again Company …. And when I board that train I’ll hear “ I-know-I-can, I-know-I-can, I-know-I-can”. Best wishes to all XXX

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Oh sweet Emeraldbutterfly,
How amazing an insight into this situation we find ourselves in!
What a lovely way of describing the journey. Wish I'd found my first change sooner, but I'm here now.
Onwards to the next station which I believe is somewhere over the Consent Order hill, and may be bumpy, but it is assured to be reached at some point, even if that means I have to change to a bus connection. I'm assured I will finish the journey.

Carly XXXX
Brilliantly done Em. So envious of your talent. And just hoping that somewhere there is a wonderful station that manages to be both vibrant and relaxing, called, obviously, Pastures New.
I love this Emerald, so sweet, and funny and poignant. x
Beautiful xxxx
Big Love to everyone that I know and for your kind supportive comments.I've missed you all. Hello to those new wikkis i havent met until now Thank You for your responses too.
Afon indeed our merry band can always be counted on.
Poetry Ray must admit that's never crossed the mind...how about this not a poem but I wrote it yesterday for another Channel 😀and it could apply here.
Forged from our past,
Embracing the Future.
Living the Present.
It just proves like a dear old friend when you get back in touch there's always someone ready to Support ,listen and help.
Lovely to have you back blogging Emerald. That would have been anniversary must have really hurt. It just defies understanding, how after all those years together people can betray their partner. Love your analogy & the comforting rest point at Wiki International Terminal full of friendly & sympathetic travellers. I hope the next part of the journey is a lot smoother.
32 years Em??? Obviously a child bride :)

Your positivity, as always, is inspiring to those of us further down the track. X
Dear Emeraldbutterfly

What a wonderful piece of writing.

I think you should have an upgrade to first class.

Warmest wishes to you dear lady.

LG xXx
Brilliant metaphorical treatise on the trip to Heartbreak Hotel and back to ........?

You could easily become a travel writer!

I wish I could write like that, wonderful. As a relatively new wiki (210 days post separation and just past what would have been 24 years) thank you for sharing some places I recognise and for the advice.
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