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unfair life

A Updated
Shaking as I write this as on Monday will be seeing the OW at a meeting that she has now been invited to, which I feel agrieved about as she only got to the position she is now in by sleeping with my STBX and managing g to ruin my marriage, I can imagine her smirking away and I honestly dont know how I will manage to go through the day without commiting murder. Expecially when I know how hard I worked to get to my position and some others just sleep their way to the top and nothing happens to them. Is there any justice in this world?

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Well done to you.

Pebble was there as back up and helped,but you were the one that did it faced her and sounds like you succeeded with aplomb.

Shoes and perfume a necessity ;D

I'm so glad to hear you did it! Sounds like you handled a very stressful situation with class and you should be really proud of yourself.
Brilliant - well done Anoushka.

Well done - if you can do that you can do anything - and she left first - fab - you are awesome - and deserve that gin. ;D
The pebble is indeed proud of you.

Very well done Anoushka, brilliant that she left before you, good riddance and all that. I'm really glad it went well for you and you so deserve the shoes and perfume..

Warmest wishes


Well done. I can't think of a much worse situation to have to handle and you did it, with flying colours. That pebble is proud of you.
Well I survived somewhat but with great difficulty, I had to keep holding onto the pebble and feeling somehow less stressed as it represented all off you and I did not feel so alone, okay I broke the bank and bought expensive shoes and perfume, but it made me feel good and I can honestly say I looked better than her. I stared as instructed in the distance, just above her had and she looked down, and as soon as the meeting was over she took off, which was great for me as I was dying to go to the loo, but did not want to be the first to leave.
Had a large and larger gin and suffered for it the next day, bur glad I did not crumble.
By the way keeping the pebble on my dresser as a reminder that I am not alone.
Thanks guys:-)
Same here, I hope it was bearable. It's done now, another thing you don't have to worry about. First time always the hardest, just hope there is not too many and I hope you had her running scared x x x
Hello anoushka
was thinking of you today... i hope you knocked them dead :-)
and wear a bit of jewelry - it don't have to be expensive - that makes your feel bold - sassy even.
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