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Update on my new life

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I thought I would write about where I am now in my life.

I have been looking back at my old entries, and I must say that there is life after divorce! For me it's 5 year's since my ex said he didnt want to be with me, 3 years since the divorce and 2 years since he died.

I'm now in a place where I can think about him without being angry , I still get emotional sometimes, but dont we all ! 

I'm still with the man I met during my break up, he teeats me with respect and kindness,and I wonder why I put up with my ex so long. We each live in our own homes , part of me is reluctant to live with someone full time, and it works for us.

I've retired from my main job and taken my pension, plus the part of my ex's pension awarded to me as part of our divorce. He was a Police officer and I now get a pension from the police paid in my own right.

I have a very cute Grandson and another due in December.

My first blog was about learning to make a patchwork quilt, I have finally finished it. I call it "my quilt for a new life" and it's on my bed. I did shed a few tears as I put it on my bed, felt like a final closure.

So to those who are at the horrible part, it will get better: be kind to yourself and don't let your ex get to you.


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