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Update overdue

O Updated
Although I have commented (sparingly) on blogs and discussions since the beginning of the year, thought it was time for my own update. Nisi eventually granted end of April – had to “prove” to the court we have lived separately whilst sharing an address – Proved and open for the world to see on Rightmove!! (house, annex, annex, house – not connected apart from water and electric) Was a bit scary though! He wasn’t impressed with solicitor’s advice re his possible death and my entitlement as his widow if Absolute delayed – what a shame! Sign up to consent order….. I didn’t know he might die that quickly, but if he wants to oblige……………….(smack my hands – how naughty!) House sale: on to Estate Agent number 4. May have an offer in the pipeline and another viewing scheduled for end of week. Sadly Estate Agents only call him and I have to fall in line, one day I’ll say No – Any offers for me to be somewhere else instead of here? Sorry can’t give dates… Annex man still in the throes of love, but starting to be a dad to his grown up kids. Will use the “white van” to bring son home from uni next week and tells me bought “loads of stuff” for the grandson due in 3 weeks. However, may be on holiday when the little one arrives. So results all around. For me, not sure I’m moving at the same pace as the changes, but I’m sure at some point (out on my ear!) I will catch up. I have looked on rightmove for short term lets – don’t like them. I have looked at a break away in the sun for me and son – can’t afford it. I have looked at what I can to buy out right – forget it. I hope I can be made redundant and add that money to afford something I like - no chance. Sell my house please and let me move on……. Then I’ll have to make a real decision. Son, Daughter, Grandson, Grandson’s Dad – I love you all – just don’t expect I can be all “all things to all of you”! Thanks for reading Carly xx

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glad to hear your almost rid of the squatter keep your chin up you've done really well not going mad with the arsehole in the annex. time to start looking after you and have a feeling that things will get better once you've put a bit of space between you and it x .
You can do it Carly. I've had to start again after almost a lifetime of living with my ex. It hasn't been easy but I am getting there slowly. You just need time to heal and it's true what they say, time is a great healer

Best wishes

Jules M

Jules M
((())) Its almost like a foxtrot this process.Fancy footwork needed to keep up.

Hope house sale is part of the quick quick bit.


Thanks all
Your messages of support are really welcome.

Hope you are all doing well and on your way to a new a better phase of life.

Carly xx
Life was never meant to be like this Carly, starting over when many of us thought we were happy and settled.

Your property dilemma's I can associate with but at least I don't have the ex living out the back.

You have been incredible Carly getting through this and deserve a break. Hopefully that break is finally on its way.

Best wishes.
all moving in the right direction carly, and soon to be nanny carly !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Carly, good to get your catch up blog and to know you're well and things are moving forwards for you all. Concentrate on the people who love you and that little grandson. When he arrives your world will change beyond your wildest dreams. Your heart will melt. True there will be sad moments when you remember it wasn't supposed to be like this.

Fingers crossed for the house sale. When it comes to offers on the property I would insist on a call from the Estate Agents so you know exactly what's being offered. It's your house too.

Take care. xx
Sounds like you're nudging forward quite well Carly!

When we are forced into a corner we find a way out. Things have a funny way of panning out sometimes. You are obviously looking at lots of possibilities and you will find an answer.

Know what you mean - can't be all things to all people - most important thing is to look after yourself and your own sanity first during these times in order to ensure you can be there for the ones you love when you are stronger. xx