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I leave for vacation shortly and am feeling happy and positive. Planning, booking and preparing for this journey has been good for me. Not only has it given me something to look forward to and a distraction from the stresses of late, it has given me the opportunity to connect with my friends and realise how fortunate I am. I have had to ask for help with dog-sitting, cat/house sitting, lifts to the airport, places to stay once back in England - all requests have been fulfilled and I am feeling full of respect and love for my friends. I've made this journey a lot of times over the years, all but once with my soon to be ex husband. It has felt different doing it all on my own. There's no extra suitcase to put my overflow clothes in and despite the the fact I used to call him a 'travel nazi', I realise now there was something comforting in being subjected to passport and ticket checks at any point before a trip. I am going to have to find my own way to the gate rather than blindly following him around and at the other end. The driving is all going to be done by me. As odd as all of this feels, I am enjoying it. I am answerable to no one but myself right now and unlike my pets who need someone to look after them, I'm actually quite capable of looking after myself.

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It's a good idea to have a holiday among friends and family who love and care for you. I'm sure talking things through with them will restore your self belief and you will return home with renewed strength and determination to get through the divorce.

The future is an unknown, but we must do our utmost not to allow divorce to define us. Of course you're going to have some fears travelling alone, it's normal, but you will be fine and the driving will be second nature to you aftet the first few miles.

Chin up! Keep telling yourself, 'I can do this.' And you will!