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Vengeance Of The Chainsaw Massacre........

F Updated
I owe this Blog to my good friend Scaryclairie, for without her encouragement today, I was not quite sure whether to laugh or to cry...She pushed me in the right direction, to turn to our good land of Wikivorce for your support and guidance, so here goes... For those who have been with me along the way, through this maze of complexity and confusion of a divorce that I find myself in, this battle or war, whatever it is that I am embroiled in, because of the 'type' of 'laid back' (not), STBX that I still have the pleasure in dealing with, it should have come as no great surprise, although astounded I still was, when I received a letter from my Solicitor today.....asking for a valuation on the crockery and cutlery that he is now 'suddenly' missing after two years of having been kicked out of the FMH! "Ohh dear Denby plates, how I miss you and your chipped edges", he cries!! Let's not forget the double bed, which I had brought into our marriage from my single life, when I first met him, that is at least 20 odd years old and also how could I forget the 2 single beds that the children sleep in, they are at least 10 years old!!! Of course, there was never any money to replace them, ohh no, that would have got far too much in the way of the 'hobby' that took every Dime and Cent we ever earned and he quite happily spent! So folks, do I embarass myself having a valuation done, at his request, on furniture and fittings that even the rubbish dump will reject? Or do I give him a short sharp shock and take a chainsaw down the middle of everything he wants valued including... the mugs (Cadbury freebies from the Easter eggs), an old black and white TV, a tea pot from the days of the Ark, a bed that is riddled with mites (surely this old!) and the list goes on etc etc! Do I just take the chainsaw down the middle of the whole lot and tell him to pick up his half of everything at his leisure? All to be piled up outside the front door for all and sundry to see...half of everything, that is worth nothing! Has it really came to this...the man would rather see the kids and me, their Mum, sleep on cold hard floorboards. The mind boggles. What is it they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure...Well my sweet STBX, 'Good Riddance To Old Rubbish'! He should hang his head in shame...... Upwards and onwards, tomorrow is another day! Take care for now FoS x

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Mine did something similar. I told him (via my solicitor) to get lost and even his own barrister backed down about this in court. Just tell him you aren't going to do it.

In my case we were negotiating over hundreds of thousands in equity and pensions and he was wanting the odd hundred quid for bits of old furniture.

Best wishes,
Mine has done much the same thing..he has demanded one of our dogs and says he won't give me a divorce unless I agree to him having him..what does he want me to do, chop the poor thing in half??
My Dad bought me a new car for my birthday...stbx told me to have it valued as it was part of joint possessions. I grinned like a cheshire cat when I had the pleasure of telling him the car was still in my dad's name..we had the foresight not to transfer it in to my name...I bet he was gutted!!
You will see your day with him, you'll see what goes around comes around

Chin up 0)

GG2 x
Oh FoS! Aren't you glad you're rid of him? You have handled yourself with such dignity and continue to do so. What an idiot he is and Animus is right. I think he's doing this to get you angry so don't play into his mind games. Let him arrange for things to be valued if that's the way he wants to play it. Make him organise it so he has to pay for it and tell him that too. I'm glad SC's there for you and we are too. Take care, stay strong xxxxxxxxxxx
Unbelievable. Is he at the grasping at straws stage of trying to stay in your life, albeit in a negative way?

Don't give him the satisfaction of seeing you riled. Chainsaws are expensive and messy.

Can you ignore the letter? You could always get a quote from a house clearer as to how much it would cost to clear it all away....and send him half the bill.

And if you brought something into the marriage, then its still yours, right? Damn him for even making you ask these questions!!!!!
What a muppet
We'll have whip around,you smash everything up
give him yours and we'll replace yours. lol
Can he give the price on broken hearts
I really don't think so!!!
You fow are an inspiration to us all
coping with one battle after another
but as usual you remain the victor
you have to quote:the greatest love of all:

Remember my little mantra
It's nice to be important
But it's more important to be nice!!

and you are living proof of that!!!

take care sweetheart
luv and cwtchs .......afon xx
sounds like IT and its bloody bucket and sponge, broken dril, computer cables, sad sad men arent they xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My immediate thoughts are to take the cost paid for the goods, calculate the depreciation (straight line method) & then when in deficit ask your STBX for his contribution to the replacement goods lol - see what he says to this!

Surely your sols can write back (charge your Stbx for the cost of the letter) & state given the useful life of the goods he is suggesting no residue value remains within the goods to apportion.

Some people cannot let go, just wait till your x asks for his share of the grass in the garden!

Tempted re the chainsaw though .... Shame on your x if he is happy to see your kids sleeping on the floor because he has to have his share!

Beggars belief JJx

The chainsaw does seem the only option so show him how petty he is and you would probably enjoy doing it. If only it was that easy.

On the up side you should be glad you no longer live with him and you have the lovely Claire as your friend to talk all this through with.

Big hugs.
This has taken some time to sink in...he wants the household utensils, crockery and cutlery to be valued and halved? You'll have to pay for half of the beds you get to keep for his children to sleep in?

Get them valued and embarrass him. This will degrade no one but himself. His lawyer will laugh when they receive the official valuation.

I hope his fine friends find out it's not the family silver he's after as there is none but the chipped Denby and the old TV set.

You have acted with dignity throughout this whole sorry episode and you must continue to hold your head high.

You have held the family together through all this and you will do whatever must be done to keep a roof over their heads and a bed to lay their heads to sleep.

You have my greatest admiration for being so strong for so long. Don't buckle now. Scary won't allow it!!!! xxx
Ps - wiki friendS! not just one friend! x
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