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I went to my nieces wedding this weekend, it was the first wedding I have been to since splitting with my ex, I went with my new partner and my ex wasn't invited. It stirred lots of emotions in me, ii was keeping it together pretty well until the address, it was a church wedding and the Pastor talked about Colossians 3 , v 12. - 14, it speaks about clothing yourself in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience, being tolerant and forgiving, and to wrap it all up in love. He made it very personal to their marriage. It made me think which of these qualities had been missing from my marriage, and hoping that the young couple could bring these qualities to their marriage, made me cry :) Apart from that I'm doing well, settling into my new house and being grateful to have my own place at last with no ex !

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So good to hear you're settled in your new home Xargle. Weddings stir up emotions, especially the first one after divorce, so accept the next invitation knowing it will be easier to blink away the tears. I always cried at weddings anyway, even in films or on TV, so it was a dead cert I was going to blub at the wedding of a friend's daughter.

Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home and your new life. xx