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i am a 60 year old man and the applicant in this divorce I was married to my wife for 22 years but together over 25 years, I was diagnosed with MS in 1998 and tried to carry on working until 2007 at which time it was impossible for me to work and some times the only way I knew what day it was is looking at my medication tub if it was Tuesday then I knew it was Tuesday, Once I stopped work depression set in and this is what has brought our marriage to a end. my wife is a fit and active girl and I think she couldn't understand that the care I needed was a little more than holding my hand but this is life and now we are coming to the FA I am broke she is rich I need some of her money she wants to keep it, and I find this very sad that after all these years money is the main factor. I moved away after getting the nisi to Scotland 550 miles away from her so that I couldn't see her which I thought would make it easier, well that didn't work I miss her like mad but she just carries on with life as if I was never there, Thankfully I had the luck to find this site and now I am self representing I look every day for advice and to try and understand how others in my predicament cope and I don't feel so alone anymore But now I suppose the fight really starts I think its all about self preservation she is trying to come to a deal with my son regarding  monies but at this time we are league's apart she wants to give very little and I don't want to take a lot but the area in the middle is where we need to settle, I thank god that we never had children in this marriage because of our ages and where I tried very hard to make all the kids from our previous marriages be as one family now the differences are clearly showing very sad

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Ye! and I intend to.. Thanks Buddy
My sympathies. So firstly regarding money. The fact is that as a married couple your are entitled to a 50:50 split. Courts don't want to know any more who earned what, who did the most parenting or who did he most housework etc. I'm not sure if you have done 'form E' s yet? If not and you are pre decree absolute you are both required to complete financial statements. All too often we hear of married woman who 'go after' the money from their ex husbands. Well, you are entitled to do the same. ...
At last I have found it in myself to call my wife my STBX I never thought I would be able to say this.
I do sit here and wonder what is she doing now ect. ect. But now I don't really care I just sit now and wonder 'Where am I going next, What will tomorrow bring' It can only get better