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What's In a symbol??

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A symbol = an expression of..........
Finding it hard to accept that I noticed over the week-end my ("still") wife (we are in the process of instigating Separation etc.) has removed her Wedding Ring. How do I feel about this??? Not too sure............
When is it the right time to remove any outward sign of attachment?

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@polar.... you crack me up! :D :D :D
;D ;D ;D
Option 1
Used it to clean car??
Option 2
Dressed Guy in it on bonfire night ???
Yes, this is a point in time! I found my ex's wedding ring and engagement ring one time in the ash tray of her car ... ! I thought she might have removed them for some practical reason but she had been absent for a while and around the same time I found an empty case of champagne in the boot of her car! I still wear a ring but on the other hand now! I would say its up to you how long you have the ring. In the end .. but I know it takes a while .. none of this matters. How we feel about it largely depends on when and how rings are removed during separation. I did take mine off during those dark days and strangely when my ex found my right she asked me if I wanted to "talk about things". She had been outed as having an affair and was just looking for other means of running away with the village idiot at the time. Good luck. If you like your ring just put it on the other hand. Don't ask me what I did with her wedding dress. !