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When does it end

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Well not been haveing a good month. Its been 4 and a half months since My husband tried to evict me from home. occupation order granted date agreed for me to move out and my whole world turned upside down. 4 weeks later discovering he has been seeing someone else. 3 weeks ago he managed to get the information over to me of who she was on recieving this i text him (shouldnt have done it i know) an innocent text stateing that i know knew and could we now sort things out. (meanining divorce).My husband had already been arrested for taking my wedding rings when he came to the home to collect some of his stuff. Obviously he was angry at me so he tried to have me arrested at my place of work over the text stateing he thought I was threatening his new girlfriend.I couldnt give a stuff about his new girlfriend as as she only lives 5 mins from my work and i havent tried to contact her isnt that obvious. Husband put in application for divce in jan but now is making it impossible for the divorce to happen now im in agreement with it. He has refused mediation over this and financial order and is refusing to move his car away from the front door so I can move my property out. I have agreed on an undertaking to leave my house in 3 weeks and now have to go back to court for an extension as i cannot leave.Now on antidepressants and going for counciling. Am really not coping at the moment. When will this end. why is my husband now making it so difficult for me to go. He has his new girlfriend now why does he not get on with his own life then and stop making mine so miserable.

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Sorry to hear that Sarah... thing is those who have been left are generally of the opinion that we would never be as cruel as our xs ...what you have to realise is in the same way that WE cant understand how they can have moved on so quickly and easily THEY cant understand why we haven't ... give the anti depressants time they do work in fact you just need to give everything time ... but see a lawyer asap your x seems to be even more callous than most .. use you savings it will be worth it .... keep your chin up do whats essential the rest can wait .... time will pass and you will feel better xxx
Because they are selfish and really don't care who gets hurt and caught in the fallout/crossfire as long as they are alright...You need to look after yourself now, forget about him and the OW this will just add to your misery. It takes time to overcome the pain but it will ease...believe me i know. These people become extraordinarily monstrous, will lie their way out of a paper bag! Keep any important documents safe, see a lawyer immediately and take control...all the best.