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who can recomend an honest lawyer

S Updated

i need an honest lawyer in ayrshire or glasgow

i seperated in feb 2002 his date i agreed to but it was 2 years before he went to a lawyer first, i couldnt believe it i assumed he wanted to get married to his then girlfriend as he said i`d need to wait my 2 years he refused to divorce me,

so the paperwork evetually got sorted by my lawyer she worked out he was due £3,500 for the 8 month he was on my house i had bought it before the seperation as hes an alcoholic who abused me he always took every penny he could get and told me to F off when i wanted money for bills i worked and had some money off my son, who has his name but not his kid, he opened my mail and found out me and my son were buying my council house and demanded on it and cried his eyes out the usual abuse thing he done so i stayed with him,  ex had never been on my tenancy as i paid my rent off my wages he was married and had his own house before i met him,

this was all done and his lawyer refused and demanded my house be sold he wanted half the value i have always said no and wanted a clear answer to why he would be due half when it had always been my house he was only on it 8 months, me and my son had always been in our house, in the end up his lawyer has been in the papers and on the law site for defrauding legal aid i have complained to everyone no one listens iv paid my lawyer 1,800 so far and owe her more yet, she sends mail to 2 other wrong address`s i get mail if postman gets mail back and finds my mum and gives her the mail my lawyer cancels a lot, after iv used a days holiday as i work in a different area,she refuses to show me clearly what iv paid for im so stressed out i dont know whats happening iv neverseen a letter shes sent to his lawyer, iv been paying her 7 and a half years

even more complicated now his girlfriends in his house hes sectioned they want a new valuation i never asked to be involved in his lawyers fraud im a victim of more abuse im on pills to stop palpitations im obsessed i think of this every day and night im exhausted im  disgusted to be involved in all this iv asked a few lawyers to take this on i dont know law i dont know what to do its like a huge prison sentence i cant sped my money on me iv managed to save the £3,000 my lawyer said it will cost me to go to court will someone recomend an great honest lawyer who follows a code of conduct      asap please email me i am desperate to have a life


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Hello Susie,
Sorry you're so distressed at the moment. I've sent you a private message (PM) and you should have a message waiting signal at the top right of the screen.

(((((Big Hug))))))

sorry folks i cant find a way into comments yet i think i did the other day but my memories fuddled as usual as im so stressed out, i do agree i cant believe it myself how long they have took to do nothing, i just dont know if im going to lose my house due to their bad service i think of it constantly iv emailed some other lawyers when iv been on hols this week i phoned people for advice but still no help, i just dont trust lawyers at all and only had the experiance of these 2 its quite bad i feel like that as im sure there must be some honest good expert ones out there, one thing i will force them to court as im not handing 30k over for 8 months of him being on my paperwork im disgusted, iv let my garden go its really annoying me as iv spent a fortune getting it all done up as i work meanwhile he is unemployed alky getting all for nothing he ruined my marriage with domestic abuse and booze, i done nothing wrong and im the one being punished, its good to get this off my chest im realy a nice kind helpful person who works with all the special people and i have a wondeful family and i did have a lot of great outings but iv backed off im getting back into recluse mode, to scared to spend im sick of seeing things i want and can afford but because of my abuser im stuck im so angry, i phoned my unions lawyers 5 weeks ago a lawyer was taking my case on i phoned back this week to see why they are slow at getting in touch they said they dont deal with it they are claims only i thought why did someone called zoe phone me to ask what it was about its not complicated his has been defrauding im the one dragged into it i never asked to be involved in that, so back to square one, so much bad service good thing i dont go on like that in my job i do more than im meant to help everyone out who needs extra done, i must get on and come back to this i need to get out for new thermals its going to be a long cold winter im a driver so in and out my bus all day i guess im lucky to enjoy my life apart from this.