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YOU MUST READ THIS!! OK you should read this :)

M Updated

Here is a little devotional i read to myself over and over, when the darkness comes. I find it helps. Hope you find it useful too.

When Life puts a Mountain in your way, Don't Forget.......

You've faced mountains before.

Don't be afraid.

You are strong.

Just Start climbing.

Imagine yourself reaching your goal.....

Your attitude can free you or keep you bound.

You have your spirit, mind, and body.

The wisdom to know how to compensate.

CRY if you want

KICK & SCREAM. It's okay

Get it out of your system. Check your worries at the gate. Remember.... it's just another mountain.

You have climbed mountains before, and you will CLIMB this one.

You CAN do it. Absolutely!!


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thanks for this...
here I go climbing mount everest for the 5th time..LOL