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Divorce Dictionary

Term Main definition
Warning Notice

Notice attached to all Child Arrangements Orders that breach of the order will result in a range of sanctions.

Wasted Costs Order

Order that a litigant’s costs be paid by their legal representative.

Welfare Checklist

The matters to be considered when a court determines any question relating to a child's upbringing or property.

Welfare Officer

CAFCASS officer who has been asked to produce a welfare report.

Welfare Principle

Over-ruling principle of the Children Act 1989 that in any proceedings involving a child's upbringing or property the child’s welfare shall be the court’s paramount consideration.

Welfare Report

Section 7 Report.

Without Notice

Also referred to as an application not on notice, an application made without giving the other side notice or the opportunity to oppose.

Without Prejudice

Protective wording on an offer of settlement to ensure that if refused it will not be shown to the Court and prejudice proceedings.


Person who gives evidence by witness statement to support the argument of a party or who attends court to speak on their behalf.


Court’s written command that someone act or refrain from acting in a particular way.

Wrongful Removal

Removal of a child from the jurisdiction without legal authority or observation of correct legal process.