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Form E, Questionaires, answers AND LIES!!!!!!!!

  • skinny lizzy
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17 Aug 18 #503435 by skinny lizzy
Reply from skinny lizzy
Hi Louise, I totally agree with what you say about all the petty stuff. What happens if your solicitor just answers the questions and I don't know that she's doing it. Mine sends numerous letters but doesn't copy me in - will a solicitor charge me not only for sending the other parties solicitor but also myself in which case I sort of understand why I'm not privy to the letters until there's something relevant to tell me. My divorce has been goin on for over a year now and I haven't got anything resolved. My stbx is still sleeping on the settee and there's my 11 year old daughter to consider (our daughter). I cannot believe this man will not leave the home when I have 2 other properties that he could move into. Will a judge look unfavourably on this Sitution due to the suffering of our daughter. He was aggressive towards us both recently and I've had to make a statement to the police but no further action will be taken. Can I submit the statement when this goes to court. Unfortunately we've been to mediation which I knew wouldn't do anything as my stbx never negotiates or backs down etc. I was told we could apply to court after this but my solicitor is still trying to negotiate even though I've asked her to apply to court! I'm confused, is this a way to prolong things and therefore increase the costs?

Sorry, big rant I know but I am frustrated and feel so bad for our daughter caught in the middle of this night,are.

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17 Aug 18 #503438 by WYSPECIAL
Reply from WYSPECIAL
You're replying to a post that is nearly 11 years old written by a member that hasn't been online for six years.

You may be better starting your own thread.

  • MollymooGem
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01 Jan 20 #510843 by MollymooGem
Reply from MollymooGem
Need help.

My mums ex husband is trying to take her for half her house which she rented for 30years before he got with her, his only ever put in 5k towards the mortgage, and left her from only 9 months, of only owning the house. His name is not even in the mortgage.

And hasn’t paid anything to her in 5 years towards it.

We have had his Financial statement and shows that he could of given my mum money, but didn’t and how only earns £200 a week and a oven cleaner ( used to be a black London taxi driver) we have found out his living at another address which is his gf and has lied on his forms that his living somewhere else ( we have proof of this)

Does someone actually know what would happen to him in court as his a lieing git.

Many thanks mollymoo

  • Babybex
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30 Sep 20 #514283 by Babybex
Reply from Babybex
Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me how long the questionnaire should be? Is 17 different points too long? Partners soon to be ex wife has put so many lies and contradictions in her form E.
also the statement of issues, can that be about 3 pages or is that too long?
Thankyou for any and all the advice you can offer, we’re doing this ourselves. The questionnaire and issues has to be in by next Tuesday.
We thought complete and total transparency and honesty was the way to go, hoping integrity pays off ?

  • Mitzies
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13 Jan 21 #515341 by Mitzies
Reply from Mitzies
Hi I wonder if anyone can give advice. I am doing this myself and have received my ex Form E. We are trying not to go to court yet. I have questions to pose to his solicitor. Is there a form I need to complete or can I just pose the questions? Also is there a time limit on when I need to ask these questions to the solicitor.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give.

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