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How do I start my own blog?


Divorce is a life changing experience - do you have a story to tell ? Let the world know what you think in your own Wikivorce blog ? It's easy to do - and a problem shared is a problem halved!

Here's how to start your own blog:

1) From the Main Menu select "Community >> Blogs"

2) A top menu will appear, select "Edit My Blog"

3) Select "Write New Entry"

4) Type in a blog description e.g. "My divorce has been a nightmare - this is my story"
and click Save.

5) Select "Write" from the top menu to create an entry in your blog:

- type in a title for that days entry.

- type your thoughts for the day in a couple of paragraphs.

- click Save.

6) Choose "View Blog" from the top menu to view your entry.

7) To edit a blog entry go to "MyBlog Dashboard" find the entry you wish to edit from the entries list.

8) To publish a blog entry (so others can read it) edit the blog entry and make sure "Published" is set in top left.

Once you have mastered the basics, there are lots of advanced options like adding images and tagging the entry with search terms so other users can find your blog entries easily.

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