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Maintaining Old Friends and Relationships

Maintaining Old Friends and Relationships
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Separation and divorce bring many life changes. You may move away from the area you have lived in for many years or perhaps stay in the area but move to a smaller house. Whatever your choice, remember that you have friends and family to consider in your future life.


You would have formed many relationships over the years so when planning your life after divorce, try to plan how to maintain these and keep in contact when you move on. Inform your friends and family of your plans. They will be interested in what you have planned and may come up with suggestions and help with your move etc.

Many people move to another area after the break-up of a special relationship. This move should be considered carefully and not made on an impulse. Moving home can be expensive and if in a few months time you reconsider where you wish to live it may be too late and too expensive to return to your home town.


Why not have a ‘farewell to your old life party?’ You could invite former colleagues, neighbours, friend and family and have one big goodbye to everyone you know. It may be that your new home is too small for a get together so a farewell party could be better than a house warming party. When moving to your new home invite your new neighbours in for coffee and be the first to offer a hand in friendship. Unfortunately these days many people are afraid to make contact with strangers and it will be up to you to make the first move.


Most people are on the Internet these days so if you are moving to another area why not set up a group or forum whereby your friends and family can keep in contact with you? Also, when downsizing your life you will have time on your hands to look up old school, college, university and work chums. With social network sites being all the rage you are sure to find those long lost friends and start organising reunions.

Moving Away

It may be that you move to the countryside or live by the sea. When purchasing your new home consider having a spare bedroom as many friends and families will wish to visit you. If this is not what you planned – some people move away on order to avoid friends and family – why not rent out the spare room and earn a few pounds with a short term lodger or as a bed and breakfast business?

Saying Goodbye

Moving away from the area when you downsize your life could mean saying goodbye to old neighbours and friends. You may keep in touch but as life moves on these friendships will change and you will just keep in touch with the odd telephone conversation and exchanging Christmas cards.

You cannot expect everyone to keep in touch with you, if this is important to you then it is up to you to make the invitations or return to visits old friends. This happens, do not mourn your passed life but embrace the changes and look forward to making lots of new friends by joining clubs and groups that interest you. You will have new neighbours to get to know as your life moves into a new phase.

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