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Practical Tips on a Stress-Free House Move

Submitted by
Wikizine Team

Packing up your home and moving into a new one can be daunting. There is often so much to do, and knowing where to begin can be difficult. Hopefully these tips will help make the move less stressful.

  • have a good sort-out, take any unwanted items to local charity shops, or use Freecycle if you don't have transport/time to get to the charity shops. If you haven''t used/worn it in the last year, then you don''t need it ;)
  • Get several quotes from removal firms, and don''t be put off using the smaller firms, who often offer a better service than the less customer-focused national firms. (my removal men will also do tip runs or charity shop drop off, for free). Over-estimate the amount you are taking, as its better to have some space left over rather than finding the vehicle that has been hired is too small and not all your stuff will fit in.
  • Wear old clothes for the last week/few days,which can just be binned after wearing, rather than having to struggle with washing and packing.
  • pack a small case with clean bedding, overnight essentials and a change of clothes. This means that even though everything will be in a complete guddle, you can still sleep in clean sheets, brush your teeth and wear clean clothes the next day.
  • Inform your utilities providers/council tax as soon as you know the moving date. Don''t forget to take a final meter reading just before you leave (take a photo of the meter display as back-up).
  • Arrange the transfer of your phone line asap - sometimes  it can take weeks to get an engineer''s appt if any work is needed in the new property to install a line/broadband.
  • Start packing non-essentials as soon as you can. Don''t do what I did and pack the toaster 2 weeks before moving, meaning we cant have toast.
  • Get friends and family to help - packing can be hard work and doing it with others makes it less stressful.
  • Get your post re-directed (you can arrange this online at the Post Office website)
  • If you have pets, make travel arrangements for them.
  • Keep an old kettle and mugs out for the day before moving and moving day itself. This means you can have a much-needed cuppa without having to find somewhere to pack your kettle/mugs at the last minute. You can then bin the old kettle/mugs as you leave.
  • Pack a box with kettle/mugs/tea-bags/snacks and clearly mark it, so its easy to find.
  • Clearly mark all boxes with the contents and which room it is to go into (ie, books, dining room).
  • If you can do a rough floor plan of your new home and where you would like the furniture to go, this saves the removal men asking you where each piece of furniture needs to go.
  • For the last week, eat easy cook meals that involve minimal cooking/washing-up. Have a takeaway on the last night.
  • Don''t forget to check the loft/garage/shed etc for items you might have forgotten were there.
  • Take down your curtains/light shade the night before if you aren't leaving them.
  • and finally, try not to stress too much, moving house is one of the most stressful events (after divorce and bereavement). Fora while, everything seems to be such a guddle, and there is no room to move, but all of a sudden, it all seems to come together, and you've done far more than you thought you had!

Written by Ruth Langford

Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash

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